What’s all this then?

Rigby and Rhys sell gorgeous soft furnishings for your home and your dog.

  • High quality

  • Beautiful AND practical.

  • Made in Britain

Rigby & Rhys has come about from a love of design and dogs. Rigby is my dog and is the light of my life. Rhys was a Hearing Dog that we socialised back when the kids were small and he was my very favourite (am I allowed to say that?). Rigby and Rhys are the two characters that set off this chain of events.  Everyone loves their dog and everyone loves great design. What could be more rewarding than bringing these to lifestyle choices together in a range of products. All have been designed based on feedback from other dog owners and designers and we are always listening, so please don’t be shy, let us know what you think or if you are looking for something you just can’t find in this space. We do bespoke work and your comments could be the start of an entire new range!

We love what we do and want you to love it too. Customer Service is everything to us so you are in safe hands.

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All our products are of the highest quality and made in the UK, supporting British manufacturing. The components of all the filled products are fire tested and designed for owner usability and these are the two practical points that make a Rigby & Rhys product superior quality (beautiful design goes without saying).

Here's a bit more detail about the component parts of the products and what you can expect from your new purchase. All sofa toppers, beds and crate mattresses are made from the components explained below.


The top fabric is 100% panama cotton so it is breathable, durable and washable. The fabric is printed and then sent to be sewn into the covers. All the cushions have piping detail on the top and bottom edge so the bed holds it shape and is neat and comfortable. It is washable at 30 degrees and unzips down the long side for ease of use.


Inside the top fabric outer, is a fire and water retardant inner lining that can also be removed for ease of cleaning. It also has a zip down the long side for access and is wipe clean in case of accident. This adds value to the product as both safe and reassuringly hygienic. Any of the component parts can be replaced separately if required.


Unlike many other pet soft furnishings, the stuffing will never need to be washed as it is protected. This will help the cushion keep it's shape and last longer. The filling also has fire safety certification that you would expect from any soft furnishing you would use in your home.